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grphic of vintage car radio that links to Motor Mouths Radio Show archives

Continental Motor Works is one of San Luis Obispo’s most trusted auto                 repair facilities for over 30 years.

Matt was the owner of Matt’s Brake & Alignment and Absolute Auto Works, and he  knows everything about brakes and tires ... just ask him.

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Video Car Tips


Every Saturday morning at 8AM, for over 20 years, San Luis Oibspo wakes up to Mr. Stop (Per “Matt” Matheson) and Mr. Go (Jeff Spevack) who have been called, “The Car Guys of the Central Coast.”

They’ve been dispensing expert car advice, and

groaners, to listeners and callers in San Luis Obispo

County for over 20 years.

Airs Weekly on KVEC 920AM, San Luis Obipso, CA